Send me a faceclaim and I’ll give you the first ideas for an OC that comes to mind.

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Send 3 questions. The character will answer 2. The mun will answer 1.

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I’m trying to work on drafts and things but all I wanna do is write a drabble based on A7x’s Seize the Day for Kim and Kon because that video is literally them and I have a lot of feels atm.

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"You can’t take me, I’m free."

Verse: Blackbird - Sebastian’s Teen Verse

Muse/s: Sebastian Hawke

Status || Plotable?: Open || Yes

Multiship? || Shippable?: No || Yes

Tag: v:blackbird

About:  This verse set its roots before everything. Before Sebastian’s gift was inherited and before Adriana was murdered. Sebastian led a normal life and that’s all there really is to it. Of course, he was shy and had limited friends, but that didn’t stop him being a normal and happy teenager.

Mun notes: The verse is mainly based around then, but, if a solid relation between muses is formed and I see fit, I will happily take it onto the next level as far as his timeline goes.

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"I have so much to say but you’re so far away."

Verse: Bell, Book and Candle - Charmed AU

Muse/s: Chris Halliwell

Status || Plotable?: Open || Yes

Multiship? || Shippable?: No || Yes

Tag: v:bellbookandcandle

About: It wasn’t something that the Halliwell family (in both dimensions) expected, so the death of the Wyatt hit them all especially hard. Obviously this affected the entire family, but most of all, it affected Chris. Sure, he and Wyatt’s relationship was built on banter, but what brotherly relationship isn’t? Since he’s a Halliwell, he fights on, but the cracks show so very clearly to those who know him and everyone’s sort of waiting for him to break.

Mun notes: N/A

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"He knew without an alibi, tomorrow’s light would mourn his freedom."

Verse: Over the Hills and Far Away - AU Verse

Muse/s: Quinn Raydran

Status || Plotable?: Closed || Within the group, yes

Multiship? || Shippable?: No || Yes

Tag: v:overthehillsandfaraway

About: Luca happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and this ended in him being framed for murder and accused of being a werewolf in a time period where people would believe almost anything. But the thing about Luca is that he as actually a werewolf and due to the strength that’s given him, he was able to escape the jail cell that confined him.
Now, he’s living his life on the run while trying to prove himself innocent of this act while also trying to escape the wrath of wolf hunters who don’t see wolves as anything but monsters.

Mun notes: N/A

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|| {mjxlnxr}

ϟ — Mjolnir happily pet the dogs, grinning brightly. He didn’t mind them since they were just smaller versions of the pets in Asgard. “I could maybe help get them all here too. I mean, if you want them all,” he told him, gently nudging the dogs next to him instead of having them on top of him. “Well, you know how in The Crystal Palace is the buffet style restaurant where all the Winnie the Pooh characters meet guests while they eat? I was thinking we could use that since you, obviously, are one of said characters. And instead of just having the characters just visiting with them then leaving like usual, have all the characters we can get in on this to have sort of a banquet dinner with them. Though maybe there is not enough room in that restaurant… If there is not much room, we could always ask about using the restaurant in the castle.” — ϟ

Quinn nodded, then chewed at the pen a bit before putting it to the paper to jot down the idea. “I want it to be a big deal for her, of course, but I don’t want it to be that massive because the last thing I want is for her to be freaked out by all the people… so I guess I’ll subtly have to ask her or her parents just who her favourites are and I’lll try to make friends with their performers and see where it goes from there.” His hand was brought up and lightly scratched the tattoo of the wolf head on his shoulder. “I was figuring that I could lurk behind the scenes for most of the event, then get into Tigger, spend a while with her, then get out of ‘im, then take them back to my place or something. I haven’t really thought much about this since I was kinda excited when Blaez sent me the messages that she was coming up with Ash, so please excuse the jumpiness.”

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