I’ve been listening to SlipKnoT literally all day. I need to get these memes done, maybe do another reply then shower and then see the bestest bro ever. I’m way too excited, man. I get to leave the freaking house.

"I’m in jail."

sentence memes.

"Hayden, what?" When she’d given the dragon her number, this was the last thing she expected. She got to her feet and locked the door of her office, then sat on her desk instead of the chair. "What happened?"

So, I’m getting my course changed tomorrow and I’m seeing my friend tonight. I’m in the actual best fucking mood right now, holy shit.

"Did I fall asleep?"

sentence memes.

"You did, but you’re awake now and you kinda need to get up." Thomas was never one for rising early in the morning, but he knew Mandy had something to do in relation to her work that she needed to prepare for. "You woke up when your alarm went off, but passed out ten seconds later, ‘n I didn’t want to wake you up."

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i’ll just stick to my beatles, the doors, grateful dead and my love for the mad caddies and johnny hobo and the freight trains (which are great punk bands, btw.)

I don’t think there are people alive who don’t love the beatles and the great punk bands are definitely ones I’ll have to check out.

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i can’t really listen to metal anymore. i’ll listen to some punk but that’s as brutal as i get these days. *old woman voice*

Oh Maddie, you lil’ ol’ lady you. I l o v e metal and the like and there’s a new SlipKnoT album coming out soon and I’m gonna cry.

So, I’m still doing drafts and stuff, but tomorrow, I’ll be having a phone interview thing because I’m changing my course from children to animals and yeah. So I need to kinda prepare for that and yeah. I just got the phone call then so, now I’m kinda excited.

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how i feel about devon bostick tbh

German a cappella metal tho, it’s brutal and amazing

"Take. This. Off. "

sentence memes.

"I’m sure all clothes will fall off after you meet my family and sit through the dinner B’s planned for us, okay?”

No one will ever understand the intense love I have of Van Canto, man.