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"Besides, I’m fast. And I can’t just… wait to see if they’ll find something. My friend..” She sighed, glancing back at the tent again. “She hasn’t been eating as much, she makes sure everyone else gets their fill first and then maybe she’ll try to get some and sometimes… So I have to start making her eat. And to do that, I need to find food.”

Tarynn knew that Travis saved half of what they were given as rations incase something went to shit. Her eyes looked to her feet for a moment, only a minute before looking back to the other. “Come to my tent.” And without even warning, she was off to her end of the small camp and into the tent that her and her brother shared. Once she was in, she found the stash and turned to hand it to the other once she’d come in. “Take what you need.”


when ur fave character has been through hell and u dont want anything bad to happen to them ever again but then the love of their life dIES


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❝I really don’t think there’s any other option down
   here. Not with the Grounders getting ready to


"When they come. We’ll be ready. Even though they’re make-shift, the weapons I made’ll buy us as much time as we need. I have that much confidence. I just really hope the right people know how to use them."

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"Great.." She sighed, glancing back towards her tent and muttering something about ‘looks like I’ll have to go scavenging again’. Then, she looked back to Tarynn and nodded. "Okay."

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you." Whenever she left the tent, people tended to stare, so she was able to feel like she was being watched and over the past few days, she’d felt it, but not from the other delinquents.



Basically, this is an FC pack gifted to my amazing wife as a birthday present, and hopefully it will remind the woman that it’s her birthday, as it only dawned on her like a week ago. el oh el and it’s the thirtieth where I am so dun complain.

Anyways, this FC pack contains 20 gifs of Ronnie Radke. There were meant to be heaps more of her FCs, but I am shit and didn’t manage my time properly at all because I suck.

And no, if you’re not Amber, you don’t have my permission to use them because this FC pack is solely for her and it’s meant to be special and on top of that, the blog that this comes from has a password that I don’t give out freely, so.

This turned into a huge jumble of randomness oh my god I should shut up. But anyways, hAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL WIFE I LOVE YOU HEAPS YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON AND OEIRGHEOIRGH I JUST LOVE YOU, OKAY? <3

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         sure, he could have gotten into a fist fight with travis, but he decided against it. it wouldn’t make him look manly or anything. it would just make him look like another statistic in his mind. he’ll stuff his hands in his pockets, head lowered as he walked forward. mainly, he was shielding his anger. no one has really seen jasper jordan angry. sure, people have seen jasper jordan completely terrified but they’ve never seen him angry. jasper wasn’t an angry person.

           the only time he’s been angry is whenever octavia went missing and he went on the search party. he literally invited the grounders to kill him right then and there. he wanted them to stop playing. it never did happen, hence why he’s still here today. thank god finn shut him up.

           ”don’t apologize for your dickhead brother’s actions. that’s not your place. i don’t want to hear it. i could honestly careless.” meaning, if anyone’s going to apologize, it’s him. not her. she doesn’t need to apologize for his childish actions. even though he did, you know, throw a spear. “nah. don’t worry about it,”


She felt like it was her fault. No one of the delinquents needed this. Carefully, she placed both of her hands on Jasper’s shoulders. “Listen, if I know my brother, which I do, he’s going to keep coming at you with words and god knows what to keep you away from me. Whatever he says don’t believe it.” Travis was quiet and observant and also had the habit of listening in to other peoples’ conversations, so only the gods, or whatever was above knew what he knew and what he didn’t. “You’re stronger than him… and you even have the scar to prove it.” There was a tear, a single tear that fell from her eye and for a split second, her eyes glanced to where the scar on his chest would be if it wasn’t covered.

She seemed to snap out of what trance she was in and awkwardly let the boy go, only to wrap herself into a sort of self hug. Whatever she’d done, it didn’t meant to happen. Her emotions had taken over and whatever was verbalised, it just came out. For that moment, however long it was, her floodgates were opened and with the feeling that was left in the pit of her stomach, she didn’t know how long they’d take to close up again.

"I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…" She didn’t know what to say but she did mentally curse herself for apologising again. Her dark eyes rested on her feet where she currently felt safer. Why did she have to open her mouth? Why did she do anything? Right now, she felt like she should just go hide in the tent and for her to want that, that was definitely saying something.


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         jasper will roll his eyes at the other, a little scoff leaving the back of his throat. he really couldn’t help himself. he had been treated like shit his whole life and now he was finally gathering some kind of respect around the game. and it certainly wasn’t from surviving a spear to the chest. he’ll shake his head, stepping forward to stand in front of him. “alright. get this little shit. i don’t have to prove shit to you.” he’s eyebrows will lift and he’ll take a step back. then another, still glaring. “tarynn, let’s get out of here.” with that, he’ll turn on his heel, walking away from the other. of course, he’s still got all ears open, waiting to hear the sound of running feet after him. he was expecting to get tackled, get his ass kicked. he was being a dick.


Travis didn’t follow. He got the reaction he wanted, so he sat in the tent and gave his sister the cocky, arrogant smile he was all too famous for.

Tarynn, on the other hand rose to her feet after Jasper left. “I have so many things I want to say to you right now, but I’m far too mad to put them into words. How could you-” She cut herself off. She didn’t want to finish the sentence and she just wanted to be as far away from him and not waste her breath as her words would fall on deaf ears.

In just a few short seconds, she’d caught up to him and began to apologise profusely “I am so sorry, Jasper. He’s usually not that bad of a dick and he in no way needed to do that to you.” Her breath hitched and she honestly felt like bursting into tears out of rage and sadness, as her brother thought he could bully a perfectly innocent boy. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Right now, she’d do just about anything to make it up to Jasper, as he was her only friend and she didn’t want her brother’s asshole nature to ruin that for her.

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